Design Thinking Tools

We wanted to share the great tools for innovating that we’ve discovered, created and refined over 18 years of practicing and embedding innovation.

Methodry Design Thinking Cards

This eBook is a set of 40 tools that we’ve assimilated, tested and refined over 18 years in the field, on real projects.  They come from tens of thousands of hours practicing innovation, 1000’s of workshops and 100’s of client partnerships and collaborations across multiple industries and continents. What you have now is a set of designed cards proven to help inspire and provoke innovation. Available on iTunes.





Methodry Templates

This selection of Methodry templates will stretch and add rigour to your thinking and are free to download. They are designed by practitioners and proven in the field, on real projects.


Inspiration Framework  – Immersing ourselves in different environments or exploring other industries can provide us with lots of fresh stimulus, as well as jolting our attention out of its customary grooves. Both help us generate fresh new ideas. The Inspiration Framework gives you the structure to make this repeatable.


Download Inspiration Framework Template

Idea Canvas – The Idea Canvas provokes you to take a big picture view of your ideas. It also helps you flesh out your ideas – adding rigour and rich detail to key elements. Finally, it serves as a brief, and ongoing reference point, into prototyping, test, learn and build.


Download Idea Canvas Template


Storyboard – A great way to understand whether your idea is as good in real life as it is on paper is to storyboard it. Storyboarding often works well when an idea is too difficult or conceptual for a physical prototype. Storyboards are great for capturing the details of a process, service or experience.


Download Storyboard Sketch Template

Test & Learn

Test Feedback Map – Use the Test Feedback Map to note down your learning from testing. It helps you be more rigorous and structured about learning from your tests.


Download Test Feedback Map Template


We’d love to hear your feedback on how you’re using the tools, both your likes and how we could improve them.