Our learning programmes inspire and equip leaders and teams to be more visionary, strategic, empathetic, insightful, creative and experimental on an everyday basis, resulting in higher performing teams.

High performing leaders and teams are more innovative, flexible, imaginative, motivated, and open to change. It is the way they work, defining the organisation’s culture and improving processes, products, customer experiences and results.

Customised programmes

We make customer-centricity and innovation a way of working through methods that are simple, yet powerful. We only train what we are practitioners in, offering tailored programs in:

  • Empathy and Insight
  • Creativity for Change
  • Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Business Model Design
  • Lean Startup and Experimentation
  • Workshop Facilitation and Train the Trainer

Experience has shown us that using a blend of Design Thinking, Business Model Design and Lean Startup is the most effective approach to innovation. We are experts at leading this fresh innovation methodology on projects and in training.

8 reasons why our training makes an impact:

Addresses organisational needs
Methodry uses a 360° assessment tool to identify your organisation’s key drivers and barriers to innovation before any capability programme is started.

Hands-on with practitioners and proven methods
The best trainers are real practitioners and not just theorists and teachers. Methodry teach the tools, processes and approaches that we research, design then prove in the field on real life innovation projects.

Make it everyday
We make innovation a way of working by developing team’s everyday thinking skills and behaviours, not just the processes and tools

How to implement it in your organisation
We work alongside your people ensuring they master the new methods. Resulting in internal catalysts that can take ownership of the capabilities and sustain these efforts to innovate and create scale.

Individual profiling
Most training is a one size fits all approach. However, innovative teams commonly comprise of varied roles, experience and skill levels. Methodry’s programmes offer individual 360° behaviour profiling to identify individual strengths and development areas.

No one understands Design Thinking more than us
We’ve been practicing and training Design Thinking since before it was called “Design Thinking”. Our knowledge and experience is second to none, ensuring you get the best training.

Design expertise
We follow a user-centred design approach to building, testing and scaling our programs. Our in-house instructional, brand and graphic design specialists ensure our programs and materials are engaging, easy to digest and use and that they stick.

We foster ongoing connections to an active community of peers and experts, regular coaching, provocations and check-ins, the latest tools and methods and invaluable practical experience.

Public courses

For those who can’t attend an in-house course we offer a number of open public courses. Same great methods and same great trainers, but with the added benefit of new industry connections to be made.

Foundation courses

  • Customer Empathy and Insight
  • Creative Thinking
  • Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Business Model Design
  • Lean Startup and Experimentation

Practitioner courses

  • Empathy and Insight Practitioner 
  • Innovation Practitioner 
  • Facilitation Practitioner 
  • Train the Trainer

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What people say about our training programs

“The best training I’ve attended in a large organisation. Thanks!”

“We can bring innovation by using these concepts.”

“Excellent. I walked away having learnt new tools and templates and having met new people from other parts of the organisation”

“Identified a better way of working than our current approach to innovation. This is a more flexible, smoother and less-political approach, which unleashes innovation.”

“10 out of 5. So well presented, so interactive, awesome learning environment created. Took my knowledge of innovation from 1% to wanting to be creative and innovative in every step I take!”

Case Studies – Design Training

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

Innovation Training for Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)


Design Thinking for Human Resources


Insight Capability Development for Special Foresight Project Teams