Great organisations and teams are customer-centric, design-led and innovative, but what does that mean and how do you build this into your entity?

Customer-centric innovation is about challenging the status quo to create new value that satisfies a customer need and it’s hard. What makes it even harder is when you don’t have your culture on your side. Where we see it work is when teams are doing the right innovation projects, in the right way within an inspiring innovative culture. To build such an environment requires the thoughtful development & integration of customer-centricity, design and innovation in all aspects of your team or organisation.

Integrating customer-centricity, design and innovation

The elements of a customer-centric innovative organisation are all interdependent; meaning you need to be strong in each and they must all be well aligned. Our approach starts with an assessment of these elements. Identifying where you are strong and weak and the level of integration. This enables us to jointly identify which elements require change and what the priorities are to building a customer-centric innovative culture.

The 7 elements of customer-centric innovation cultures


What people say about our culture programs

“Methodry have an innate ability to be able to read and customise a programme to suit not only the company but also the people involved. They helped us develop a programme to drive culture change and innovative thinking”
Head of Innovation Cerebos

Case Studies – Culture

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