We work alongside your teams to help them innovate on the important challenges. Our tailored and collaborative approach with proven methods results in a smoother, faster and more successful innovation experience.

Our work in this area includes: guiding organisations in clarifying their vision and strategy; and developing brands, products, services and experiences.

M001 - Process_DiagramOur methods for this work blend Strategic Thinking, Human Centred Design, Business Model Design and Lean Startup to increase the likelihood of delivering solutions that successfully address customer desirability and organisational feasibility and viability.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest and smallest organisations in the world, across most industries and continents.

What people say about our work

“Les Mills International first engaged Nathan and his team, as we were struggling with how to approach innovation outside of our core business. They helped open our eyes to the power of a process in approaching innovation. They worked alongside Les Mills for about 18 months as we developed and adopted our innovation process by applying it to the development of a new and highly innovation barbell product. This product is now in the market and selling well. It was a pleasure working with the team and in particular having the guidance and support of Nathan as we chartered new territory with many internal skeptics.”
Vaughan Schwass, CEO Les Mills Enterprises

“As a close out to the innovation project our initiatives implemented from out of the innovation labs and follow up work in fact worked!  We exceeded our annual targets, got the team motivated and increased our naïve share.”
Olivia Eckel, Product Manager – Hepatitis C, Gilead Sciences

Case Studies – Innovation

Atomic Coffee Roasters

Brand Repositioning and Identity Design for Iconic Coffee Roastery

Les Mills

Weights Design for a World Leader in the Fitness Market