A Leading Australian Financial Organisation

Scaling innovation across a 5000 strong technology group in a leading Australian bank

To maintain their innovation technology leadership in the banking sector, the CTO and organisational development team identified the need to increase the innovation capability of their 5000 strong technology group.

UTS partnered with Methodry to lead the design, build and embedding of common innovation frameworks, processes, tools and language across the bank’s technology group.

This program has resulted in a shift in mindset and capabilities, namely:

A customer-centric mindset
A mindset and ability to build empathy for the user before any development work begins.

Insight generation
The importance of synthesizing observations into meaningful insights that inspire and unlock innovation.

Business model thinking
How to develop new business models and value propositions for specific user groups and identify, test and reduce the risk of ideas

An experimentation mindset
An ability to build, test and measure low-fidelity prototypes with users to learn quickly and cheaply.

An innovation mandate and support
The development of internal coaches to facilitate innovation projects in their new innovation labs.

“We can bring innovation by using these concepts.”
Program Participant

Excellent. I walked away having learnt new tools and templates and having met new people from other parts of the organisation.
Program Participant

Identified a better way of working than our current approach to innovation. This is a more flexible, smoother and less-political approach, which unleashes innovation.
Program Participant


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A Leading Australian Financial Organisation

Scaling Innovation across a 5000 Strong Technology Group in a Leading Australian Bank


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