In the battle between the Top 4 Banks in Australia, NAB felt there was an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over its competition through better customer insights. Key to this was increasing the insight capability and performance of their Customer Analytics and Research Team (CA&R).

Our 360° Insight Assessment identified a number of key areas that if improved would have a big impact on the team’s insightfulness. These included: 1) lack of a unified approach to insights, 2) an over reliance on data to the detriment of first-hand customer empathy and 3) reporting of facts and observations that weren’t being synthesized into insights.

Working collaboratively we designed a NAB Way of Insight to create a common framework, tools and language across the CA&R team and the rest of the business. This would improve the generation and use of insights in building strong customer experiences and new innovations.

Training in the new frameworks and methods, which included a big focus on customer empathy, was run over two years and is now the way of doing empathy and insights in the CA&R team.

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