UTS Hatchery

Launching Entrepreneurs of the Future

UTS recognised that today’s students will follow very different career paths to previous generations. Many of them will choose start-up and entrepreneurial careers over traditional jobs. Organisations are also changing, with employers increasingly valuing entrepreneurial skills.

UTS responded by launching the Hatchery – a Pre-Incubator designed to give students start-up skills and expertise needed to confidently take their business ideas to the next level of development.

UTS engaged Methodry right from the beginning to design, test and build a startup program to run cross-disciplinary students through their paces in the Hatchery Lab.

Methodry created a program and framework for entrepreneurship that blended Design Thinking, Business Model Generation and Lean Startup methodologies. We then tested and iterated the program with the first two semesters of Hatchery students. The refined program is now being delivered by UTS staff and academics that have been trained in the methodologies through Methodry’s Train the Trainer program.

“We engaged Methodry to develop and deliver our pilot student entrepreneurship program for the UTS:Hatchery. Methodry have been terrific instructors, mentors and guides for our students, and have been exceptionally collaborative with our team. They bring great depth of knowledge and experience in leading innovation and design thinking projects. They have been generous with their thinking and sharing their learnings with us and our students.”
Ellen Yang, Director Innovation and Creative Intelligence, UTS

Case Studies – Framework & Processes

UTS Hatchery

A Program to Launch Entrepreneurs of the Future


Customer Empathy & Insight Framework

DB Breweries

Innovation Process Design for Heineken International Subsidiary